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Information to all tourism Operators

Improvements to the NCAA Payment System

Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA) is currently conducting project on revamping its payment systems with the aim of improving its operations efficiency, accountability and streamlines permit issuance process to make it more easy and convenient to our customers.

This project has been divided into two phase as follows;

Phase One: Introduction of Wallet, Quote and Permit Printing (July – December 2016)

Phase Two: Introduction of Online Booking and Billing System (January 2017)                          

Instruction and information about phase II will be provided later.

Phase One: Introduction of Wallet, Quote and Permit Printing (July – December 2016):

This is a temporary improvement, whereby NCAA has introduced the use of Quote, Printed Permits and Wallet. The use of Quote and Printed Permits has been in use parallel with the card system since July 15, 2016. The Wallet feature is going to replace the card system (Top-up, VTT Transfer, and Swap). The complete features of the Phase I are expected to start officially from 1st September 2016.

How it Works:

From the Customers point of view, in this new system, there are no much changes to the business process as compared to the previous system. The system will facilitate permit processing in two ways;

i.             Direct Sale

ii.           Deposit through Wallet.


Direct Sale:

Direct sale is design for non-frequent customers or Tour Operators with small volume of tourist. In this channel the process will be as follows;

i.             Customer will take safari itinerary information to the NCAA office (Arusha or Karatu).

ii.           Based on the safari itinerary information the customer will be given a quote/s. (one quote per each permit).

iii.          The customer will bank the required amount in respective currency (TZS and USD) as shown in the quote/s to designated NCAA Bank Accounts.

iv.          After banking, the Customer will have an option either to proceed to the NCAA entry gate with the Quote/s and Bank pay-in slip. OR go back to the Arusha office/Karatu office to obtain an Entry permit.

v.            NCAA staff will verify submitted bank slip and quote/s, and once they have confirmed the payment, will produce an entry permit.

vi.          The Customer will be given the Entry Permit and proceed to check-in at the gate.

vii.         A check-in slip will be produced and attached to a permit. The customer will be ready to enter NCAA.

Note: Verification of Payment through internet banking may take time and therefore cause delays and queue. To avoid this, we recommend Tour Operators to complete the permit processing at Arusha or Karatu to minimize the queue at the gate.

Deposit through Wallet:

Deposit through Wallet is design for frequent customers and Tour Operators with large volume of tourist. This system works similar to the WMA system, with minor difference, that it is not online and Operators will have no direct access to the system. Every tour operator will have a Wallet account in the NCAA System. A wallet will be loaded when a bank deposit is done and offload when a permit is printed. A tour operator will be given a statement of wallet as and when required. In this channel the process will be as follows:-



Loading Wallet:

i.             Deposit any amount of money as per your wish in NCAA designated Bank accounts (TZS and USD).

ii.           Visit NCAA office (Arusha or Karatu ) with the bank pay-in slips

iii.          NCAA staff will load the wallet with the respective amount as per bank pay-in slips after verification of payment and produce a receipt for the transaction.

Permit Processing:

If your wallet has sufficient funds in both currencies.

  1. Customer will take safari itinerary information to the NCAA office (Arusha or Karatu).
  2. Based on the Safari itinerary information the customer will be given a quote/s. (one quote per each permit).
  3. The customer will sign two copies the quote, and hand it back to the NCAA Counter staff.
  4. NCAA counter staff will produce a permit/s for the signed quote/s. An amount equivalent to the quote amount will be deducted from the wallet.
  5. The Customer (Drivers) will proceed to the NCAA entry gates with the permit/s.
  6. At the gate the Customer (Driver) will check-in, the permit will be stamped with check-in stamp and a check-in slip will be issued and attached to the permit.
  7. The Customer (Driver) is ready to go.
  8. The Customer (Driver) has to check-out during exit. A check-out slip will be issued.

What to do:

When using Wallet, operators will be required to appoint a Authorized Personals (Not exceeding three), who will be introduced to NCAA through a Personal Authorization Form. Only Authorized Personally will be allowed to process quotes and permits on behalf of the Company. 

Therefore Companies are required to fill and submit the Personal Authorization form to NCAA Arusha and Karatu Office before September 1, 2016.

It is important to note that, all the permit processing procedures should be carried out in our Arusha or Karatu office. The gates will be used for check-in and check-out procedures only. 

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